Current Science Standards

New Science Standards (Implementation 2018)

Picture Perfect Lessons Alignment by Grade Level

Aligned with New Science Standards (Implementation 2018)

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Bubbles K.ETS1

How Big is a Foot? K.ETS2

Over in the Ocean KESS3

Be a Friend to Trees K.LS1.1, KLS1.2
Wiggling Worms K.ETS1, KLS1
That Magnetic Dog K.PS1
Roller Coasters K.ETS2
Mirror, Mirror K.ETS1
Sense of Wonder K.LS1.1, K.LS3.1

Freezing and Melting K.PS1a, K.PS1b

Do You Know Which Ones Will Grow? K.LS1a
Seeds on the Move K.LS1.2, K.Ls1.1

Amazing Caterpillars L.LS1.1

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle K.ESS3.3
1st Grade

How Big is a Foot? 1.ETS2
Sunshine on My Shoulders 1.PS42

Be a Friend to Trees 1.LS1

That Magnetic Dog 1.ETS1, 1.ETS2

Mirror, Mirror 1.PS4.1, 1.PS4.2

Stargazers 1.ESS1.1, 1.ESS1.2

Sense of Wonder 1.LS1.1, 1.LS1.2, 1.LS1.3

Sounds All Around 1.PS4

Do You Know Which Ones Will Grow? 1.LS1

Seeds on the Move 1.LS1.1, 1.LS1.2, 1.LS1.e

What Will the Weather Be?

Reduce Reuse Recycle

2nd Grade

Sheep in a Jeep PS2

Name That Shell LS2, LS3

Turtle Hurdles LS1

How Big is a Foot? 2.ETS1
Hear Your Heart 2.LS1
Loco Beans 2.LS1

Over in the Ocean 2.LS1

Roller Coasters 2.ETS1, 2.PS2, 2.ETS2, 2PS3

Wiggling Worms 2.LS1

Mirror, Mirror 2.PS4

If You Find a Rock 2.ESS2
Imaginative Inventions 2.ETS1
Sense of Wonder 2.LS2.2

Sounds All Around 2.PS4

Float Your Boat PS2a, ETS1

Do You Know Which Ones Will Grow? 2.LS1

Unbeatable Beaks 2.LS1, 2.LS2, 2.LS3

Ducks Don't Get Wet 2.LS1, 2.LS2, 2.LS3

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle 2.LS2

Amazing Caterpillars LS1

Fossils Tell of Long Ago LS2, LS3

Sunsets and Shadows

3rd Grade

Rice is Life 3.LS4

Oil Spill! 3.ESS3
Sheep in a Jeep 3.PS2, 3.PS3

Batteries Included 3.PS3

If I Built a Car 3.PS3

The Secrets of Flight 3.ETS1

How Big is a Foot? 3ETS1

Loco Beans 3.LS1

Wiggling Worms 3.LS1

That Magnetic Dog 3.PS1, 3.PS2
Roller Coasters 3.PS1, 3.PS2, 3.PS3

Imaginative Inventions 3.ETS1

Sense of Wonder 3.LS4

The Wind Blew 3.PS1

Harnessing the Wind 3.PS3

Amazing Caterpillars 3.LS1

What Will the Weather Be? 3.ESS2

Sunsets and Shadows 3.ESS1


Solvers 3.ETS1

Rice is Life

4th Grade

Close Encounters 4.LS2

Turtle Hurdles 4.ESS3, 4.LS2

Oil Spill 4.ESS3

Sheep in a Jeep 4.PS3

Sounds of Science 4.PSR

The Changing Moon 4.ESS1

Day and Night 4.ESS1

Grand Canyon 4.ESS2, 4.ESS1

Mystery Pellets

Secrets of Flight

Imaginative Inventions 4ETS1, 4ETS2

Roller Coasters 4PS1, 4ETS1, 4ETS2

Float Your Boat 4.ETS1

Fossils Tell of Long Ago 4.LS4

Sunsets and Shadows 4.ESS.1

What Will the Weather Be?

Problem Solving

5th Grade

Earthlets 5.PS1

Name That Shell 5.LS4

What's Poppin? 5.ETS1

Sheep in a Jeep 5.PS2.1

Chemical Change Cafe 5.PS1.4

The Changing Moon 5.ESS.1
Day and Night 5.ESS1.5

Brainstorms 5.ETS2.1

Bugs! 5.LS4

The Secrets of Flight 5.PS2
If I Built a Car 5.ETS2
Loco Beans 5.LS1
Wiggling Worms 5.LS1
Stargazers 5.ESS1
Imaginative Inventions 5.ETS1
Ducks Don't Get Wet 5.LS3.1
Fossils Tell of Long Ago 5.LS4.1
Sunsets and Shadows 5.ESS1.4


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