Current Science Standards

New Science Standards (Implementation 2018)

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Text Sets as a Gateway to Learning article

Text Set Exemplar Grades 4-5: Matter
5.PS1: Matter and Its Interactions

Text Set Exemplar Grade 5: The Goldilocks Zone
5.ESS1: Earth’s Place in the Universe

Text Set Exemplar Grade 6: Real Life Zombies
6.LS2: Ecosystems: Interactions, Energy, and Dynamics

Text Set Exemplar Grade 7:
Thinning Ozone and Global Warming
7.ESS3: Earth and Human Activity
Thinning Ozone Layer and Global Warming

Text Set Exemplar Grade 8:
Coral Reefs (Ecosystems)
8.LS4: Biological Change: Unity and Diversity

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Achieve the Core, Text Set Project

Louisiana Department of Education, K-12 Planning Resources
Scroll down to ELA Guidebooks, then click on grade level. See also science resources.

NewsELA Text Sets

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Close Reading and Technical Writing Grant Text Sets

Additional Materials

Paired Text Module for
Genetically Modified Organisms and Hunger Games
Genetically Modified Organisms
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Lesson Plan from Read Write Think
Finding the Science Behind Science Fiction through Paired Readings Lesson Plan

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