Additional Resources

Close Reading

Ice Bucket Challenge Phenomenon
Newsela Great site for finding informational text
AND you can change the Lexile to make it easier or more difficult

Read Works Love this site for grade appropriate science texts K-12 with Lexiles

Smithsonian Tween Tribune
Leveled for K-4, 5-8, and 9-12

DOGO News - Kids News Articles
Current Events, Science, Social Studies, Green, Sports, Entertainment and more. Teachers can select articles, create lesson plans. & invite students.

Sites for Finding Lesson Plans and Close Reading Tasks

Achieve The Core
Core Stand Information and PAID Lessons
Close Reading Lessons with Text Dependent Questions

Grades K-5

Engineering Design Module

Picture Perfect Science Text

+ More on Close Reading

The Secrets of Flight - Picture Perfect Plan

Articles for Close Reading on Flight

Grades K-3

Time to Fly!

Animals with Parachutes

Putting Men on the Moon

Grades 4-5

The Amazing Flying Machine

The Bird Man

Return to Flight

Grades 6-8

How Do Airplanes Fly?

Designing the First Flying Machine

Seven Minutes of Terror

Grade 6-8

Engineering Design Module

Mini Rockets

Mini-Rockets Lesson

Mini-Rockets Presentation

Interactive Notebook Packet

NYC Dept. of Education Grade 8 - Literacy in Science Straw Rockets Unit

Article: “What is Aerodynamics?” (Lexile 690)
Article: “Mechanics and Motion” (Lexile 940)
Article: “What is a Rocket?” (Lexile 980)

Excerpts from Skywriting: Poems to Fly Videos for How People Learned to Fly


Close Reading Homework Packet

Chapter 1 Graphic Organizer - I can read informational texts

Chapter 2 Graphic Organizer - Two Column Cornell with Depth and Complexity Icons

Chapter 3 Graphic Organizer - Non-Fiction Reading Response Board

Chapter 4 Graphic Organizer - Let's Analyze It

Chapter 5 Graphic Organizer - Write About

Chapter 6 Graphic Organizer - Depth and Complexity Choice Board

Shared Google Doc

Shared Google Doc

Shared Google Doc

Additional Reading - Select 2 of these articles to read for your last Close Reading Homework Entry.

Using Narrative Informational Book Circles, Connection Charts, and Notebooks to Showcase Science as a Human Endeavor by Julie Jackson & Gayle Allen. Science Scope, October 2007.

Taking the Time to Read Aloud by Patricia Braun. Science Scope, October 2010

Helping students navigate nonfiction text: Paving the way toward understanding by Jannette Moehlman, Science Scope, January 2013

Popular Science Nonfiction and the Connection Between Literacy and the NGSS by Elizabeth Lamond Price. Science Scope, September 2014